Archive for The World of Tariel awaits.

Twin Continents.
Avanor Kingdoms/Lands

Norrhan Kingdoms/Lands

Contested/Humanoid Controlled.

Continent of Ryumar
Countries of Ryumar

Sea of Storms

Contested Lands

Continent of Aesurdah
Countries of Aesurdah

Archon Lands

Dragon Lands

Humanoid Controlled

Continent of Kor
Human lands

Orcish lands

Hordic Lands

Humanoid controlled

Continent of Calendorh
Empires and Kingdoms

Humanoid Lands

Contested Lands

World Information
The World's Lore

Notable Organizations

The Art of Magic.


The Crownlands.
The Dragon wastes

Korvali Wilds and the Deadlands.

The Characters
Cody's Characters

Nekro's Characters

Crisis's Characters

Zach's characters

Death's Characters

Zero's Characters

Lewis's Characters

Tek's Characters

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