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Artifacts and Items of Power

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 6:34 am    Post subject: Artifacts and Items of Power  Reply with quote

--Items of Power--
-Johralis Silencer is an omnipower magic suppression device, the user of this item can indefinitely contain all magic in an area as large as a

City, The user's magic if they posess some is amplified by the item dampening others magic.

-The Crown of the Blue dragon is a mystical Tiara-type crown with the ability to unleash magical abilities in someone where previous abilities

did not exist. A Regular person can suddenly become an Adept mage, an Initiate mage can suddenly become a Magus.

-The Book of the Void is the origins of the Art of Shadow, created in Itlam mages in the First Era this book contains the innermost workings of

Shadow magic to its very core, Many have tried to locate this book after it became lost in the Time of Ages but none have been successful.

-Soulfire stones are mass relay and teleportation devices. An inactive Soulfire stone is hard to distinguish from a rock with markings on it,

but when they activate they become ethereal and glow with a bright light. A mage must be on Both ends of a soulfire stone to use it. You can

communicate with eachother, and if you have a Conjuration mage, teleport to one another.

-The Prism of Knowledge is an item crafted by the Mages of the Imperium who discovered tomes and scrolls of power from Itlam in Old ruins of

Ryumar, they gathered the information together and formed the Prism to share their wisdom within their covenant of Mages.

-The Quicksilver medallion can save one from death, albeit temporarily, Should the wearer fall in combat or by some malady, the medallion will

keep their body partially alive until relief can come, but only for so long before its magic is drained

-Mieth's Pendant is an elven Pendant discovered on the Isles of Eldareth that gives the wearer everlasting life and an immunity to poisons

-Zahra's Heart is a pendant that grant the user temporary invulnerability, but afterwards they are rendered unconscious by the buildup inside


-Dragon Blood potion is a well sought after potion that grants incredible strength speed and magic for a short time, with no noticable

drawbacks. Dragon Blood is not made from real Dragon's blood but from Ground down dragon scales and Bloodstone, combined with a Health potion

-Aether vial, Magic in a bottle one could say, granting a burst of magical energy to enhance ones spells in dire circumstances, Aether vials

are easy to make if one has the ingredients, but very expensive if one does not.

-Anti Venom Vial is, like the name would suggest, a potion used to cure poisons and venoms in ones body

-Tears of Nimae, are a valuable potion which can cure even mortal wounds, posessed by the elves of the Second age, some humans upon sacking the

Elven cities collected many suvenirs, like these potions

-Sherazade Shamshir is a Sword from the Realm of Itlam, famed by being wielded by three seperate Golden Mantle captains, this sword found its

way to Valais where its wielded by the Empress Valaika

-Nicro Dagger is a famous Elven blade used to kill several Orc chieftains during the many years of war between the two races. The dagger allows

the ability to turn temporarily stealthed

-The Bloodsinger as its called is a legendary artifact from before destruction of Itlam, it is said the sword grows more powerful with each

victim slain, when the blade is bathed in blood it lets out a hollow tone, which is where it got its name.

-Frostbane is a bow used by the Frost giant's during the War of Eternal Winter which was recovered by a Prince of the High Marches, The bow

creates arrows magically which are frozen, upon colliding with an enemy they can freeze an enemy

-BlackShard is a bow crafted by the Shadow elves by three seperate Faeshards, The bow fires shadow arrows that can decay and kill people, or

destroy walls with ease

-Crafted by the Elves in the First Era, Sabre Akyes is a blade that will not dull or break, it cuts through other blades like paper and through

bone like butter

-Ardemus is a blade used by the First Vindicator-Lord, The sword deflects spells and redirects those it can't, making it perfect for countering


-Thronebreaker is a hammer used by the First Durgheil, Descended to the Third Age the Thronebreaker has been magically enhanced by first the

Runecasters of the Durgheil, then the Mages of Daln Ashelaah, Given to a Dwarven Thane it is said to be able to sunder any armor or weapon with

a single strike

-Crafted by the First elves, this Bow has gone down the Generations until the fall of the Sun Kingdoms, recently found in an abandoned Orc town

this bow has returned to Elven hands

-Legendary sword of the Duerzir, this blade can slice through the world itself, capable of attacking even far distant enemies

-The Legendary Rothelim is crafted using the soul of a Aaezir, This blade somehow turned up in Avanor recently, It's powers include the ability

to disguise the user, transforming the wearer into anything, and also the power of flight

-The Phoenix blade is crafted by Faeshards and Dragonscales to be an invulnerable blade. The Blade creates a shield of fire around the user,

granting them invulnerability to fire, aswell as making their wounds regenerate unnaturally fast.

-The Wyrm binder is a Elven Artifact staff capable of taking control of a Single dragon

-The Psion Ring is a Dwarven runecaster ring used to control objects by thought

-The Deadened clasp is a Elven torture device used to break the minds of traitors and enemies alike, making them drained to the point of


-The Sphere of creation is a Dragon artifact that can bring life to barren landscape, heal the wounded, and even bring the dead back to Life

without the plague of Undeath

-The Sphere of Destruction is a Dragon Artifact that can decay greenery in any jungle, kill select people, and bring back the dead into Unlife

-The Grimoire is an Itlam spellbook with ancients spells that can be replicated with ease if the user uses the book. Archmage and Sage level

spells in the Arcane Class

-The Sinful Grimoire is a Itlam spellbook with dark incantations, magics long forgotten and now unusable, these spells have devastating power

-Keeper of Grimoires, This book was created in the mage wars to hide the locations of books hidden away by the Convocation, This book can lead

the wielder to many magical tomes and books of ancient power

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