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Empire of Khudar

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:43 am    Post subject: Empire of Khudar  Reply with quote

Empire of Khudar

Government: The Empire of Khudar is an absolute totalitarian regime led by the Magmaking, an extremely powerful Elementalist Archmage whose bloodline has been rooted into the Empire since the first known tribal leaders of the First Era. The Magmalord has a Council of Five, often called the Charred Council of Firelords that advise their Magmaking, pass legislature, etc.

Habitat The terrain of Khudar is a charred landscape scarred by the volcanic eruptions brought upon by the magic storms many years ago, so the volcanos erupt periodically over the years. Due to the periodic eruptions, the Empire has focused on building underground. They have some of the most sophisticated building methods being one of the only Empires to build their cities directly inside the volcanos that litter the landscape. Their capital of Ramor Zuun was built within what is known as the Spine of the World, the largest Volcano on Tariel.

The Spine of the World

A portion of the great city Ramor Zuun

Population The Empire of Khudar’s population was once one of the largest in the world, after the magic storms caused a super eruption of the volcano’s cut the population of the people of Khudar down to a third of what it once was, now numbering at twenty five million which is still very high.

Religion The Empire of Khudar almost exclusively worships Tylmaar and they build great temples within their volcanos, they fanatically worship Tylmaar so much that the Magmakings have even created what is called The Followers of Flame, a brutal inquisition that is dedicated to keeping the Empire of Khudar and its citizens exclusive to Tylmaar.

Military The Empire of Khudar has powerful army bred in the extreme harsh conditions of the volcanos and the harsh wastes of Khudars surface. Their army is given the best armor and equipment forged out of the extremely diverse materials found in the mines deep below the surface. They also employ what is known as one of the largest golem armies and recorded history, often augmenting their own foot armies with golem shock troops and utilizing powerful elementalist and conjuration mages from their Circle of Ash, a mage circle and a branch within the Empire that trains its mages.

Currency and Trade The Empire of Khudar is the richest faction in all of Ryumar, its extensive mines bring forth many exotic minerals and their excellent methods of utilizing volcanic rock are well sought after products of the nations on Ryumar.

Food and Drink Due to the instability of the land of Ryumar with eruptions almost unpredictable and virtually impossible to grow anything, they grow what they can in magic augmented, artificially created areas underground and they also import a great deal from other nations as well through their large ports.

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